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Smart Moving Mod

the smart moving mod for minecraft 1.1 is the coolest mod ever. This mod alows you to go to new hights and new skills. This mod lets you jump higher and and fther than ever before. So to do all this cool stuff you need to know the controls. Well when you first install the mod there is a grab key and its already bound to the ctrl key but you can go into settings and change that. Now there are 4 main buttons you need to know and they are: Your grab key, your space bar, your sneek key and the mods sprint key. So your grab like i just told you is automatically bound to your ctrl key. You use this to grab on to things like fences, iron bars, and block ledges. So now your sprint key. I know you think that since the update where sprinting was put in that you dont need this key, well you do because with the sprint key you can run faster than the reguler sprinting. Your sneak key is used in combination with your grab key, and you can do all these cool things like sliding and diving.


To do all this cool stuff you need to know the controls.

To jump higher you hold down your sneak key and hold the spacebar to charge it up, then you let go of the spacebar.

For prone position, you have to hold down the sneak key first, and then the grab key.

To climb and swing on fences or iron bars you jump and hold the grab key.

For grabbing you hold the grab key, which allows you to climb on to ledges or across them.

For sliding you push the sprint key, then the grab key, then the sneak key.

To dive, you hold the sprint key, then the grab key, hold the spacebar, then you let go when you are ready to dive.

To side step, as your running you double tap A to go left, and double tap D to go right.

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